Sorting and Filtering Quality Analysis Results in Polarion

  Opening Quality Analysis

Within Polarion, QVscribe enables the ability to run a Quality Analysis for requirements. To access this analysis start by selecting the “Summary View” icon next to the query menu of the set of work items from the Live Doc or Table view.


Within the Summary View, select “Quality Analysis” from the right-hand Navigation Menu.

Quality Analysis


After selecting “Quality Analysis” QVscribe will present the Quality Analysis for each of the requirements based on the order they are displayed in the Work Item. You may navigate to any of the individual requirements to see their detailed analysis. See the Quality Analysis Details section for details. At the top of this view are 2 tools that will help you refine the list of artifacts to focus on the areas you want to look further.


Filter Requirement

Filter Requirement provides a drop-down list that allows you to display artifacts based on the 1-5 score calculated by QVscribe or different Quality Issues that exist within the list. Selecting any option in the list will filter the requirements displayed for the selected item.


Sort Order

The sort order drop-down provides several sorting options based on the requirements order, quality score, or the number of warnings associated.