QVscribe for Excel Installation

You will receive a license key and QVscribe download information from QRA upon completion of payment. If you did not receive your license key or QVscribe download, please contact support@qracorp.com.

The installation file contains the entirety of the QVscribe for Excel add-in.

Install QVscribe for Excel by following these steps:

  1. Make sure Microsoft Excel is closed before installing QVscribe for Excel
  2. Double-click on the downloaded QVscribeForExcel_[version].msi. This will launch a dependency checker to ensure your system has everything it needs to run this version of QVscribe for Excel, and install any pre-requisite packages. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Screenshot 2024-02-12 182351
  3. You will need to setup your QVscribe Server configuration and select whether you are using cloud or if you are using Qvscribe Team Server.
    1.  For QVscribe cloud
      1. You will need to select QVscribe Cloud and input the tenant name and then click next. A validation will be performed on the tenant to see whether or not it is valid and will notify you.
      2. After that you will just need to click on the install button:

    2. For Qvscribe Teams server
      1. Select QVscribe Team Server(QTS)
        You will input your server url that the QTS installation is on:

      2. If you are using Active Directory then leave it ticked, if you aren't using Active Directory for authentication you can deselect this. 
      3. Click next and then install.
  4. Once the QVscribe installation wizard finishes, open Excel and you will see the QVscribe Add-In ribbon: