Quality Analysis Details and Term Highlighting in QVscribe for Word

Every requirement in the scorecard that has a score of less than 5 bars can be expanded to reveal details on what Problem Types issues led to the given score.

When you click and expand a requirement in the analysis window, this also takes you to the requirement within the main document itself and highlights you the source of the problem, helping you assess how to increase the clarity and quality of the requirement.

When a specific problem found is selected on the scorecard, the problematic terminology that leads to the given score is highlighted within the requirement itself, helping you understand where exactly the requirement is not meeting best practices.

In the images above, an example is shown of a requirement with its problematic terminology highlighted by QVscribe: Requirement [EC-LMR-COM-020] Delay Tolerance is using vague words with “up to” and immeasurable quantifications with the word “effective.” In this example, it is also worth noting that it is flagged as not conforming to EARS as it is not a single sentence requirement.

Note: If some analysis results are inconsistent with your company standards, ensure that the QVscribe Configuration being used is appropriate for the document, or talk to your QVscribe administrator about creating a QVscribe configuration that more directly adheres to your specific standards.