Generating a Report in QVscribe for DOORS Next

The final step in using QVscribe for DOORS Next is to generate an analysis report. To do this, click the ’Create Report’ button in the bottom right-hand corner in your Summary View.

A window will appear for you to configure the report and choose the file name. Once your settings are set, press Create Report.

The QVscribe analysis report includes:

  • Document title, analysis date, the configuration used, and a total number of analyzed requirements.
  • Score Summary detailing the number of requirements with each score.
  • Analysis Breakdown showing how many requirements include each of the QVscribe Problem Types.   
  • Summary of EARS Conformance for all requirements (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax)
  • The list of individual requirements with their corresponding scores, quality indicator/unit highlighting, analysis details, EARS conformance, number of similar requirements, and a terms list
  • A detailed list of all terms and units present
  • A list of highly similar requirements displayed dependent on the Matching Strength Threshold chosen
  • A detailed Appendix of the Configuration settings used during the analysis